4 Services that Help Artists Make Money Online

Here is a shortened article I found on Hypebot originally on Mashable that might be useful.

Full Article

Mashable writer Brenna Ehrlich has done a great job at outlining four services that can help unsigned bands make money online. Each of them have been profiled on Hypebot in the past. However, she has given a much more in-depth look at how these services work and who they have been working for. From music licensing to online collaboration to becoming sponsored on a torrent site, these are all real ways that bands can make money online without the help of a major label. Here is a look at the services but click over to get more insight:

  1. Jingle Punks is a music licensing company that specializes in providing pre-cleared music for use in various media productions.
  2. Indaba Music is an online collaboration tool that enables musicians to team up across the globe and also work on commerical projects.
  3. YouTube’s Musicians Wanted Program enables musicians to earn money from advertising that runs before and during videos.
  4. BitTorrent Featured Artist Program spotlights artists and gives them instant global distrobution and exposure to new audiences.
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