Making Moves Week 1 (10/21-10/24)

This is the first “Making Moves” post for the Chi Guy Entertainment Blog. In this section I will try to document everything I do on a week by week by week basis to expand my fan base and start making money as an artist. I will include all of the products and services I use, which equipment I use and track how much money I spend along the way. I aim to blaze a path to hip hop success and leave breadcrumbs along the trail for others to follow. Eventually I hope to get others to document their paths and create a rich resource that can be used by others who are in the same boat as I was for a long time: clueless about what to do with their music.

This week involved a lot of registrations, media uploads and typing.

I first set up a separate email account on gmail to keep all of my music related stuff in one place so that I can start to build an address book of fans to send music and other info to.

Over my solo career (the past 4 years) I have kept only a Myspace page at Yeah, I know. It’s embarrassing considering the tools that have been available to me over that time, but everything was happening so fast with advancements in social media and, honestly, I was just being lazy. But it feels great to be attacking all the social media with a fresh approach.

Since 9/18/2006 (when I started my myspace page) I have racked up a whopping 3911 profile views, 265 friends, and 5192 total plays. Chump change baby. That’s enough of an audience that I don’t want to say goodbye to them when I start a new page. But at the same time it’s not a big enough audience that it will hold me back from having a fresh start. And I have a feeling that most of these plays came from a smaller group of core fans (than the 265 friends) that will follow my music wherever it goes.

Myspace is undergoing a major overhaul of its music site by adding a number of tools for artists, acquiring companies and becoming more open and interconnected with the rest of the web. But I really don’t know if I have time to update a Myspace full time and do all the rest of my social media. I am also a bit spiteful after years of artist neglect from Myspace, and the confusing layouts and all that. I’ve decided that I will keep a Myspace, but devote a lot less time to it. I can do this by updating it automatically through other sites like Reverbnation, Youtube and Twitter. This is my new Myspace page:

My base of operations will be my Reverbnation page, and I will use a YouTube channel, Twitter and a Facebook artist page for most of my promotion. I also have plans to use Ustream, street teams, and am looking into paid advertisements on fb or Twitter.

I chose Reverbnation because I feel that it offers the most complete package. The amount of customization that I can do on my page with all the different widgets available is crazy. I can set up a personalized store for my music, post an interactive calendar, update my status to Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace, and view all kinds of stats about who my fans are and where they come from. They just recently added a service that places your music on a whole slew of online retailers like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3 Store, etc. for only $34.95/year! I’m not sure if that makes more sense than CDbaby but it sounds pretty damn affordable.

Twitter was a no-brainer. It will allow me to maintain an ongoing interaction with fans. It is easy to set up. Here is a link to my Twitter.

I have a lot of friends from my college and high school years that are already on my Facebook. Having that solid base will make it easier to get an initial following for my artist page. To set up a facebook artist page, sign out of your Facebook account. Then at the bottom of the page when you try to sign back in there will be an option to “create a page” for a celebrity, band or business. Facebook then takes you through the steps of starting your fan page, uploading material and suggesting the page to people. One of the last steps is an option to connect to Twitter which I did. Here is my Facebook artist page.

These were some very basic, yet very necessary moves to make as a beginning artist. More complex moves to come.

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