Young Guru — “Major labels are slave masters” and why we don’t need them

Key Quotes:

The corporate system doesn’t owe me anything. I’m very aware and I understand exactly the situation when I walk in to it. I don’t have love for that corporation, and that corporation don’t have love for me. This is a business arrangement. I think too many times when we dealing with our heart, we put our love into it, and expect that person’s gonna love you back. That person’s never gonna love you.

What we’re dealing with now is the emergence of independence, right? And the emergence of the Internet. So people are finally waking up to these things that I’ve been saying for, I’d say about 20 years. That you don’t need a record label. At all, whatsoever. I work with ’em, I know I don’t need ’em.

Like a good slave-master [the major labels] said, “I need to lock down my slaves.” So they come with these 360 deals, which means that I own you completely.

Don’t deal with the company. Period. Start your own company. This is the perfect time for musical independence. The perfect time.

The end is coming. Ten years from now these record labels will not be here in the capacity that they are now. Because it doesn’t make sense. If I’m an artist I would not sign to a major record label at this point. Because I do all the work. I go find the artist, I make the beat, he writes the rhyme, I record everything, I mix it, then I have to hand it in and I don’t own it, and I make ten cents off of it. That doesn’t make sense.

The only thing [the major labels] do for you is give you a loan, it’s a bank.

  1. November 5th, 2010

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