Making Moves Week 2

This was a busy, busy week. Getting profiles up and running, getting fans to come to your sites and engaging them can be like a full time job. Since I don’t have a job at the moment and I’m able to devote my full time to building a fan base it has been a full time job. So much so that I wasn’t able to make any actual music. I need to work on finding a better balance between making music and promoting it. But since I am still in the first weeks of promoting I’m not too worried that it took up so much time.

Here are the most important moves I made this week:


  • Despite what I said before about Myspace (basically that I didn’t think it was worth my time to put too much effort into my profile) I kind of like the new and improved Myspace features and I can’t ignore the traffic that I’ve been getting.
  • Instead of streaming my music using the feature that Myspace provides I embedded a music player from ReverbNation into my profile. That way I can keep track of my plays all in one place, let those plays contribute to my ReverbNation chart position, and use the free marketing tools that ReverbNation offers.
  • I added a button at the top of my myspace page that links directly to my iTunes single “Started Living Tonight.” Once you have a song or album on iTunes just go to this site and enter the info and they provide the html code to embed a button wherever you want.


  • ReverbNation has become my base of operations. Through ReverbNation I can automatically update Myspace, Facebook and Twitter when I update my status, or add new songs or videos.
  • I Uploaded 6 songs (5 available for stream and download, and Started Living Tonight only available for streaming) to my music player which automatically updates to the players I have embedded on my Myspace and Facebook page.
  • I created a custom link to buy Started Living Tonight on iTunes with a picture of my album art at the top of my ReverbNation page.

YouTube Channel

  • Uploaded 2 videos from a few years ago that I hadn’t previously released.

Facebook Artist Page

  • Suggested my artist page to all of my 778 friends I have made over high school and college.
  • Shared a link to my profile on a few close friends and fellow artists to ask them to spread it to their friends.
  • Added a ReverbNation Band Profile as a tab on my artist page. It’s a quick look at all of my music, pictures, and videos and it is automatically updated when I change anything on ReverbNation.


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