Promotional Campaign for The Classical Movement Mixtape

This is a promotional campaign idea that I have been developing over the last few weeks and it’s almost time to start making some of the material for it. I will be putting out a mixtape in about a month and a full album sometime after that. I have finished 3 songs for the mixtape, which will have 11 songs. As I release some of this material it would look very professional to organize everything around a cohesive theme, a movement if you will.

The idea in a nutshell:

Now that my rap name is Trevor the Trash Man I was thinking that I should run for Trash Man of Brooklyn in a fake political campaign. All the material could be designed around voting for me for Trash Man, what my stances are (mostly nonsensical stuff like eliminating wackness, scraping scoundrels and other way better stuff I haven’t thought of yet, ha) and I could even be running against a fake opponent and have a debate against him in the form of a rap battle or something.

These are all loose ideas that will be solidified but the point is that I now have a campaign theme that is highly adaptable, that can include photos and videos and banners and that can build awareness and organize people around a movement. Flexibility and appeal are two important features of any effective promotional campaign.

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