Lil’ Wayne Fathead: Out-of-the-box Merch Idea

Here’s an example of an out-of-the-box merchandise idea that is sure to make Lil’ Wayne at least a few thousand dollars. Not all of us have enough die-hard fans to make money off of a fathead of ourselves, but there is a lesson here that we can all take away: LISTEN TO YOUR FANS! If someone tells you they like a logo of yours, put it on a shirt. Keep your ear to the streets by engaging fans as much as possible.
Posted on Digital Music News today:
Merch Will Never Be the Same: Introducing the Lil Wayne Fathead…
Thursday, November 04, 2010

(#musicindustry, #rap) Who says athletes get the most visible and outlandish merch?  Maybe artists deserve more t-shirts and caps, and who other than Lil Wayne to lead them to the promise land (from prison)?

Actually, several artists already have Fatheads, and fans can even grab wildly-oversized album covers.  But according to details shared with Digital Music News this morning, Weezy now has an oversized Fathead to his name, thanks to popular fan demand. “We just kept getting bombarded by Weezy fans demanding that we release his Fathead immediately, so we caved and his Fathead is officially free,” a Fathead spokesperson relayed from Riker’s Island.

Those wanting a ridiculously large Lil Wayne can simply go to, and enter code ‘LILFREE’ to get free shipping (the rest will cost you).

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