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In line with my previous post about I signed up for the service the other night. It’s a pretty interesting idea for promoting your music and discovering other artists in your genre that are also trying to spread their music. is an artist community where artists can earn “band bucks” by sharing the music of other artists with their fans. You can earn 1 band buck for each fan that you expose someone else’s music to. These band bucks can be used to buy promotions on other artists’ social media pages.

When you sign up you start out with 10,000 band bucks (theoretically enough to expose you to 10,000 fans of other artists). The first thing I did on the site was to schedule a promotion. found 10 other artists involved with Hip Hop and scheduled a promotion for Saturday, Nov 6 (a time that these other artists agreed to allow posts on their sites). Within hours after I signed up I had 6 requests from other artists to share their music on my social media sites. It definitely makes you want to listen to these artists music so you can tell if you want to share their music with your fans.

So, overall, nice idea. We’ll see if it works…

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