Making Moves Week 3 (pt. 1)

This week I did much better at balancing my time between recording new music and building a fan base. I wrote and recorded 3 songs. One with my roommate and fellow member of the Wiggidies Crew, Pimp Jong ILL. Another called “Care Free Living” – the second song I have released off of my upcoming The Classical Movement pt. 2 Mixtape. And the third has yet to be released but will also be off of my mixtape and it’s coming soon. I’m on pace to release one new song each week, and I have also been releasing freestyles and older songs to create some buzz.

So far my promotional efforts have resulted in 216 monthly active users of my facebook artist page, and 91 “likes.” My YouTube channel has gotten 262 views. My Myspace page has 274 views (without any real effort to direct traffic there). I have climbed over 5,000 spots on the ReverbNation charts for Brooklyn Hip Hop (I’m at #1031 now), and I have 303 visits and 200 song plays. I’m still waiting on sales reports from Tunecore for “Started Living Tonight” sales on iTunes.

These numbers represent my core fan base, the group of people out of my contacts who are either family members, such good friends with me that they follow my music, or they aren’t real close “friends” but they’re in my network and are actually into the music. This is a special group of fans, people that have an early connection to the music and are probably willing to help me out and spread the word to their friends if I ask. I am trying to get as many of these fans on my mailing list so I can reward them for the early support by giving them exclusive content.

  1. November 12th, 2010

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