Making Moves Week 4

This week involved a lot of organizing and planning. The good news is that I have my first official concert as Trevor the Trash Man coming up at Crash Mansion! The bad news is that the process of making a music video is taking longer than I would like. Putting together promotional material like video and photos, requires people, equipment and mutual free time, but things are finally getting going at least. In these early stages I just want things to move faster and faster.

I teamed up with a company that my friend, Richardson Bosquet, from BU, formed called the Artform Collective. They are doing launch parties in Boston and New York, and then taking it international to London, Paris, and Amsterdam. The NY launch is going to be at Crash Mansion, which is a very legitimate NY concert venue/club. I have begun planning for that show by setting up a lighting/effects team to put together a memorable concert experience.

My mixtape (The Classical Movement pt. 2) is over half way done now. I have released 3 songs, and 2 more are finished and waiting to be released. 5 more to go…

This week I hope to write and record at least two more songs and film a basic video for my song “What They Say.” The entire video takes place walking along the Williamsburg Bridge in one take. The video will have a gritty feel and will serve as the first video under the Trevor for Trash Man of Brooklyn political campaign. One of the themes is that certain words throughout the song will be emphasized and will flash across the screen like captions of slander in the media from my political opponents.

The Trevor for Trash Man of Brooklyn campaign has evolved a bit. It now features me in a trash man’s uniform splattered with blood and carrying a bag full of body parts in my satchel patrolling the streets of Brooklyn looking for messes to clean up. Muahahahaha. It’s happening. Along with the above mentioned video, I will be taking 50-60 photos. My dear friend/roommate/photography major at NYU, Mike Bump, has agreed to do these photos for me. More on that to come…

  1. I love the way you write and also the theme on your blog. Did you code this yourself or was it done by a professional? I’m very very impressed.

    • Thank you so much for the support. This code is available as one of the options on wordpress. I liked the drop down menus so I went with it.

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