Facebook Introduces New “Modern Messaging System”

This article comes from Hypebot. I am very excited to see what Facebook does with this system and what it means for artists. Considering that Facebook is quite possibly the best way to reach new fans online, this service could put some space between Facebook and its main rivals Twitter and Myspace.

The full article:

image from www.hypebot.com(Updated) During a press conference today Facebook announced a new “modern  messaging system” that combines email, text messaging, instant messages and Facebook messaging into a single stream that founder Mark Zuckerberg says goes “beyond email”. Users can get an @facebook.com email address, but it is not an essential component of the system and can continue to use their current email address.

Citing how teens are already moving away from email as “too slow” and towards text messages and IM,  Facebook designed the new product to both serve their needs and those of more traditional email users. Most of the features will roll out over the next few months and are for now invite only.Zuckerberg broke the new product into three main components: seamless messaging, a stored conversation history and an integrated social inbox.

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    • Thank you so much, I love the support. I am definitely focused on my grind, eventually the Chi Guy blog will be the basis for a much larger company with more power to assist hip hop artists. Exciting stuff!

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    • It really helps to know what I’m doing is useful to people. Let me know if you have any suggestions…

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