Services: Tadcast (Paid Placement in Online Videos)

This looks like an interesting service, and something that I will look into as a possible service to build my fan base. Advertising has become more affordable so that even an independent artist like myself can afford it. But before I actually put money into an advertising service I need to work on my promotional campaign, create more video content and finish my mixtape. Before I resort to paid advertising I will explore my free options such as word of mouth, and submitting my music for review at magazines and blogs.

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Tadcast: Would You Pay To Get Your Music In An Online Video?

image from t3.gstatic.comPaying to find fans has been around as long as there has been music and advertising. Once that meant a billboard on Hollywood Blvd, but with the net has come options that put advertising within reach of developing artists as well. Targeted Jango and and Facebook ad campaigns, for example, have proven worthwhile for some. But should artists pay to place music inside videos from the viral internet’s video stars rather than be paid for music use, as in the traditional model? Tadcast thinks so and has created a marketplace to facilitate it.

Details & Video Demo:

Artists upload music to Tadcast, which has provided a similar service to traditional advertisers for some time. and offer it for inclusion in online video productions. Producers include a link to anywhere the artist wants, like a music store or their website. Artists pay for this exposure on a per view and pay for click model much like Facebook or Google ads. Of course, unlike a banner or text ad, placement in a video means that potential ads actually get to hear your music.

How Tadcast Helps Musicians! from Tadcast on Vimeo.

Question: Could Tadcast be a worthwhile investment for some artists that leads to more fans and more income? Or does Tadcast eliminate yet another source of income for artists?

By Bruce Houghton


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