Making Moves Week 5 (pt. 1)

This week involved a lot of writing, which was great because I felt like I’d been devoting too much time to promoting my music and working on the Chi Guy Entertainment Blog. Now that the blog has been up and running for over a month and there is a decent amount of info available on the site, I don’t need to spend as much time on building it each day. At this point, the average person could come across my blog and get a pretty good feel for what it is in a matter of clicks. I’m not saying that I won’t be updating it whenever I use a new service or come across an interesting article, but I can now move on to the next phase of my plans for Chi Guy Entertainment. I recently wrote a post about a site called and it has some of the features I want to implement over the next months such as the ability to accept music submissions, offer access to music industry contacts and give more guidance in general. Before I do anything drastic, though, I want Chi Guy to be on its own domain.

I’m still working on getting more photo and video content, but I have had trouble getting my lazy friends to get out of the house and shoot this stuff. The promotional campaign still features me in a garbage man uniform that gets more and more splattered with blood as I “take the trash out.” Also, for my upcoming mixtape, The Classical Movement (pt. 2) I am going to set up a photo shoot with a very high class scene: me in a room surrounded by fine books and rich mahogany, in a smoking jacket with a tobacco pipe in one hand and a glass of scotch in the other. Classy is my middle name, but you can call me Trevor.

The next step in my journey, once I have more promotional material at my disposal, is spreading that material around New York and specifically Brooklyn. At the same time, I will focus on getting some live shows around Brooklyn and the rest of New York. The other thing I would like to do soon is set up my own website in time to release the full version of my upcoming mixtape. The mixtape will include a few bonus tracks that won’t be released prior to my website release and it will be free in exchange for email addresses. I want to send the mixtape out for review to blogs and magazines, but from my previous experience working at Republic Media (a public relations music company in London), most journalists don’t accept submissions from artists without representation from a public relations company. So, I might have to look into teaming up with a public relations company for this release (I have no idea which companies specialize in hip hop PR or if it is even affordable for artists who aren’t on a major label budget).


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