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Making Moves – Promoting a YouTube Video

I recently posted my most successful YouTube video. Although it hasn’t blown up and been a gigantic viral success, it’s my first video to reach outside of my circle of core fans. In its first four days of being up it has received 160 views and I’m working hard to get more each day.

It has become a core part of hip hop to release free material, oftentimes using instrumentals from popular songs, to promote your own material. So I picked a song that was released last week by Lil Wayne called “6 Foot 7 Foot” that I could tell right off the bat would become a big hit. It’s produced by Bangladesh, the same producer that did “A Millie” with Wayne on The Carter III.

I made the video using iMovie, which came with my MacBook, and photos from my live shows and music video shoots. Using the editing tools available on YouTube and iMovie I added lyrics to the video in the form of blurbs coming out of my mouth, I added title screens to the beginning and end of the vid, and I made it look like I was moving to the music by aligning the pictures to go with the beat.

Some key pointers on how to post a successful YouTube vid and promote it:

1. Keep it short, sweet and entertaining. My video is 1:18 in total and in that time I showcase my lyrics, get my name out there, and link to my other music.

2. Relate your promotional video to something that people are already interested in. Lil Wayne has a huge following already established, so when he releases new material people are going to want to listen to it and talk about it. If you can find the sites where people are talking about related topics and showcase your video there, you might strike a cord with another artist’s fans. For example, I posted my video on, where there are thousands of people discussing Wayne in very active forums. After one day I got over 30 independent views from that site alone.

3. Get familiar with YouTube’s editing tools. I can’t believe how much extra work you can do after you upload footage to youtube. You can add annotations, add links to your other material and have it all streamlined right into your video.


Online Video Distribution: Getting More YouTube Views


This post that I found on gives some tips on how to appeal to a wider audience on YouTube. The videos in the article all succeeded in reaching a large audience and you could learn a lot just be viewing them. These tips are very timely because I am shooting a video this weekend and am hoping to reach a wide audience through a strong viral campaign on YouTube. The video is for my song The One Who Got Away, and has been in the works for over a month now. One of the key takeaways from the article on Trackhustle that I hope we will achieve is to “do something that is so awesome that people have to show their friends.”

Emmett Adler, the director, and I have developed a pretty great story line that follows closely with the lyrics of the song, but takes place at a halloween party. The song is about the regrets of lost love and missed opportunities so it is a universal theme that a lot of people can relate to. The setting of a halloween party provides the setting for something that couples tend to do together and can show loving moments, yet also provides the setting for betrayal and alienation with strange looking people making the girl feel alone.

Stay tuned for the video coming soon…

Here is the Full Article on



Lots of people have videos on Youtube that reach a million views, but getting a million views based on musical talent is rare. It is important to showcase your musical talent in the videos because that’s what you are promoting. There are a handful of Youtube Stars that understand this principle and continuously get millions of views on their Youtube channels. Here’s how you can do it.

Find creative ways to showcase your music. Do something that is so awesome that people have to show their friends. There are some really cheap video editing programs that do special effects. Experiment with a green screen and see what cool ideas you can come up with.

Don’t post one video and get mad when it doesn’t hit a million views in the first week. The most popular Youtube Stars post videos on a regular basis. You really don’t know which video will go viral so just post quality videos and build your fan base.

Ever wonder how these Youtube Stars views are so high on all of their videos? Its because after fans discover their Youtube channel, they watch multiple videos. If the videos have similarities, they watch another video. Soon, they’ve watched all the videos on the channel. Have a central theme to your videos. Consider covering popular bands’ songs or accepting musical challenges from your viewers.

This is pretty self-explanatory. Promote your videos on social networks to get people to watch your videos. This is not limited to the internet. Make sure all your friends and family watch the videos you post. Youtube also has several built-in features that allow you to promote your videos to other Youtubers.

If all else fails, you could approach a Youtube Star that is already established and sponsor a future video of theirs. This does not necessarily mean pay money either. Try writing a song for them or send them some of your music and merchandise to give away.

Check this video of Mike Kalombo making a beat for Shane Dawson

Contact people that you admire on Youtube by sending them a message. Introduce yourself and tell them what you like about their videos. By befriending other Youtubers, you can learn more tips for success. You could even collaborate some time down the line to cross promote each other’s Youtube channels. Don’t be afraid to reach out to top level Youtube Stars for advice.

There are a lot of undiscovered musicians getting millions of views on Youtube. Don’t be discouraged if your great content does not get a lot of views at first. Once more and more people discover your channel your views will eventually increase.

Remember, you are aiming to get millions of views to gain millions of fans. Don’t chase the record labels and major corporations. Make them come to you. Once you build your audience, they will approach you to work with them to expose their brands to your fan base.

Check this video of DeStorm jumping on board with a Pepsi campaign and gaining awareness for himself at the same time by bringing a lot of positive energy.

Online Distribution (Tunecore, ReverbNation, and CD Baby)

Here’s how to get your music on iTunes and a number of other outlets where people can buy your music:

You have a few choices for distributors, each with their own benefits.  Tunecore is the one I went with for a few reasons. I wanted my music to be added quickly because I have been promoting the song and the timing is right right now. Tunecore guarantees that your song will be on iTunes within 72 hours. In my case, it took only a few! The other service I looked at, ReverbNation distribution, could have taken between 4-6 weeks. Way too long to wait. Another reason I went with Tunecore is because there is a deal through Myspace Music right now that gets you 50% off on Tunecore’s distribution services for your first year. Instead of paying $50 to distribute an album, and $10 to distribute a single, it’s only $25 and $5, respectively. To get the deal go to Myspace Artist HQ and click on the link for that Tunecore promotion. Tunecore allows you to select from a number of different outlets to place your music. They offer iTunes (US, CAN, JAP, EU, AUS and MEX), Amazon MP3 store (where you have some control over your price), Napster (the newer legal version), Medianet (powers music and media delivery for brands like iLike, Zune, HMV, Tesco, MOG, Ultimate Guitar and more), Spotify, Myspace Music, Rhapsody, eMusic, and a few others. I signed up to be placed on all those services for one flat rate of $5 for the single. Not bad, eh? The delivery to iTunes is guaranteed within 72 hours, and delivery to the rest of the services is guaranteed within 2-3 weeks.

ReverbNation just recently launched it’s own distribution service. They place your music in most of the same outlets as Tunecore, but the pricing is different and the delivery is slower. Instead of a one time fee, like Tunecore charges, they offer a yearlong service called the essentials package for $34.95/year. It includes all the above mentioned outlets as well as some lesser known ones like La Curacao, Intertech Media, and Moozone. ReverbNation also offers a pro package for $58.95/year that includes Pandora, Wal-Mart, Amie Street, We 7, Myxer, Puretracks, Think Indie, Shockhound and Nokia. They guarantee delivery within 4-6 weeks.

Another prominent independent distribution service is CD Baby. CD Baby is the world’s leading online distributor of independent music. It operates like a record store that only sells music that is sent directly to them by artists. They listen to every single album before it is posted for sale so that they can help find other new artists for you to hear as well. In addition to selling your digital music in the CD Baby store, and stores like iTunes, CD Baby can also distribute physical CDs or vinyl, assist you with making those physical copies, and hold the excess inventory in their warehouse. The cost per album is $35/album and $9/single. They deliver your music within 48 hours.

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