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Direct to Fan Marketing Services

As I build my email list I am looking at a few services which help with organization and results. I need something that can easily showcase the new music, photos, videos and what I’m up to. I also need easy interconnectivity to my Facebook Artist Page (ideally a “like” button embedded in the email, and the ability to suggest music to fb friends). I’ve been looking at ReverbNation’s FanReach, Nimbit, Topspin, and FanBridge.


FanReach – Since I am already using ReverbNation as a base of operations for getting messages out to my social media sites and I already have 40 contacts in my FanReach mailing list it would be very convenient to be able to use FanReach as my email system. ReverbNation offers a free service as well as a paid service called FanReach Pro. The free service allows you to create widgets to sign up people for your mailing list, set up an auto response when people sign up, group your contacts into different lists, and view analytics of who receives, opens and clicks through to you desired pages. The pro service allows for more customization with templates and colors, one-click addition of ReverbNation content like music, videos, and photos, and links to social media, and a service called Fan 360 that collects info about your fans based on their emails.

Nimbit – Nimbit is actually a complete support system for independent artists. One of Nimbit’s features captures info about fans whenever they make a purchase. You can add email list signup to your social media or website, and also create email lists based on geographic location, purchasing patterns, etc.

Topspin – Topspin offers professional marketing services to artists that are somewhat established. Not everyone can sign up for Topspin. You need to either work with one of their label/management partners or meet 2 out of 4 of these criteria: 1. make $5,000/yr or more on music, 2. Have at least 2,500 email addresses in your database, 3. Website gets 10,000 unique visitors/month, 4. Have at least 15,000 fans on facebook. From the Topspin website, it looks like they offer very professional services, but, apparently, I’m not ready yet.

FanBridge – FanBridge has the looks of a more professional service than Nimbit or FanReach, yet it is available to beginning artists unlike Topspin. Everything is aimed at getting more value out of your fan relationship, and that can be very important for beginning artists. I will experiment with FanBridge and write a more in depth review as I understand the service more.

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