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A Modern Day Gold Rush (pt. 2)

A list of services that I either have used or will use. For many of those I haven’t used, I plan on checking them out and giving reviews to help you make a decision:

Marketing ToolsTopspin, ReverbNation, CD Baby, Trackbuzzer, FanBridge,

FundingKickstarter (great idea for a site, it lets artists set up projects with goals so that fans can support the art they consume), ReverbNation “street teams”, ChipIn. You can also include a Paypal button for donations, or an Amazon Simple Pay Donation button. Here is an article from Music Think Tank

Playing More Live Shows — From a Hypebot article “10 Resources That May Help Artists Book More Gigs“: GigMasters (booking platform for artists and talent buyers), GigMaven (free and easy-to-use booking website for musicians; currently available in NY, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, DC, Austin, Phoenix and Ohio), Gigwish (influence venues, promoters and booking agents by enabling an artist’s fans and their local music scene to vote for them), (an online booking community where bands and musicians connect with venues by sharing their music), Live Music Machine (get booked anywhere for any type of live music event, as well as getting booked directly from MySpace), MusiGigs (a private beta service that helps artists get booked by connecting venues directly to bands), OnlineGigs (booking and promotional tool, and one of the largest detailed venue databases), ReverbNation’s Gig Finder (search over 100,000 venues and clubs, and locate those that have booked similar Artists), Sonicbids (the largest and most successful online booking service for musicians, bands, managers, promoters, etc., as well as corporations and organizations looking to book artists), SplitGigs (a new social web-app that helps emerging artists find other artists to exchange and share gigs with).

Online Distribution: Tunecore, ReverbNation, Ditto Music (UK based global online distributor worth checking out, I believe they offer free daily reports, 100+ stores), CD Baby, IODA Independent Distribution (Distributes audio and video, they do more work for you, but you must be accepted by the IODA team)

Recording Software — Here is a list that I published near the beginning of the Chi Guy Entertainment Blog. It is in order of popularity according to an article I found in Hypebot: 1. Avid Pro Tools, 2. FL Studio, 3. Steinberg Cubase, 4. Cakewalk Sonar, 5. Apple Logic, 6. Adobe Audition, 7. Apple GarageBand, 8. Sony Sound Forge, 9. MOTU Digital Performer, 10. Ableton Live, 11. Sony Acid, 12. Band-in-a-Box, 13. Steinberg Nuendo, 14. Steinberg Wavelab, 15. Propellerhead Reason

Online Mixing/Mastering: Studio (specializing in hip hop) and others. I prefer to go to a physical engineer who I have a relationship with for all my mixing/mastering needs.

Video Distribution for artists: YouTube, Vimeo, UStream

A pretty solid list, and I’m sure I’ve missed a bunch. These are the tools, now fly, fly like a bird.


Online Distribution (Tunecore, ReverbNation, and CD Baby)

Here’s how to get your music on iTunes and a number of other outlets where people can buy your music:

You have a few choices for distributors, each with their own benefits.  Tunecore is the one I went with for a few reasons. I wanted my music to be added quickly because I have been promoting the song and the timing is right right now. Tunecore guarantees that your song will be on iTunes within 72 hours. In my case, it took only a few! The other service I looked at, ReverbNation distribution, could have taken between 4-6 weeks. Way too long to wait. Another reason I went with Tunecore is because there is a deal through Myspace Music right now that gets you 50% off on Tunecore’s distribution services for your first year. Instead of paying $50 to distribute an album, and $10 to distribute a single, it’s only $25 and $5, respectively. To get the deal go to Myspace Artist HQ and click on the link for that Tunecore promotion. Tunecore allows you to select from a number of different outlets to place your music. They offer iTunes (US, CAN, JAP, EU, AUS and MEX), Amazon MP3 store (where you have some control over your price), Napster (the newer legal version), Medianet (powers music and media delivery for brands like iLike, Zune, HMV, Tesco, MOG, Ultimate Guitar and more), Spotify, Myspace Music, Rhapsody, eMusic, and a few others. I signed up to be placed on all those services for one flat rate of $5 for the single. Not bad, eh? The delivery to iTunes is guaranteed within 72 hours, and delivery to the rest of the services is guaranteed within 2-3 weeks.

ReverbNation just recently launched it’s own distribution service. They place your music in most of the same outlets as Tunecore, but the pricing is different and the delivery is slower. Instead of a one time fee, like Tunecore charges, they offer a yearlong service called the essentials package for $34.95/year. It includes all the above mentioned outlets as well as some lesser known ones like La Curacao, Intertech Media, and Moozone. ReverbNation also offers a pro package for $58.95/year that includes Pandora, Wal-Mart, Amie Street, We 7, Myxer, Puretracks, Think Indie, Shockhound and Nokia. They guarantee delivery within 4-6 weeks.

Another prominent independent distribution service is CD Baby. CD Baby is the world’s leading online distributor of independent music. It operates like a record store that only sells music that is sent directly to them by artists. They listen to every single album before it is posted for sale so that they can help find other new artists for you to hear as well. In addition to selling your digital music in the CD Baby store, and stores like iTunes, CD Baby can also distribute physical CDs or vinyl, assist you with making those physical copies, and hold the excess inventory in their warehouse. The cost per album is $35/album and $9/single. They deliver your music within 48 hours.

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