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Making Moves – Building a local following

Building a local fan base has been tough because I didn’t grow up in New York, so I’m kind of starting fresh. Figuring out where to begin has been difficult. I’ve realized though that I have been thinking too big picture. It’s better to focus on smaller fish in the beginning, find exposure to different circles and try to bring people from those circles together.

I recently spit a few bars at a cypher during Barrelhouse Bklyn’s Yo Barrelhouse Raps BBQ. It felt great to introduce myself to such a tight knit group of people. Barrelhouse has, over the past few years, successfully harnessed a Brooklyn based movement of talented rappers, and true hip hop fans, with a lot of positive energy. Here’s a video from the event. I was the lone whitey in attendance, ha…

I’m grateful to have linked up with Barrelhouse and am looking forward to teaming up with them in the future. I’m still working out the details but, if all goes well, Chi Guy will be hosting its first NY shows with Barrelhouse promoting.┬áThe first show will be before the end of August.

Like I said in the beginning of the post, I am trying to bring a few different circles together with these concerts to build a solid core of Chi Guy followers. So far the concerts look like me performing (either solo or with a band behind me, The Classical Movement), Scienze and Kris Kasanova (two rappers who I was introduced to by my peoples at Barrelhouse who perform with live instruments behind them), and two electronic/dance DJ sets TBD. The hope is that the hip hop crowd will mix with the DJ crowd well. And who doesn’t like to see hip hop with live instruments?


Making Moves Week 4

This week involved a lot of organizing and planning. The good news is that I have my first official concert as Trevor the Trash Man coming up at Crash Mansion! The bad news is that the process of making a music video is taking longer than I would like. Putting together promotional material like video and photos, requires people, equipment and mutual free time, but things are finally getting going at least. In these early stages I just want things to move faster and faster.

I teamed up with a company that my friend, Richardson Bosquet, from BU, formed called the Artform Collective. They are doing launch parties in Boston and New York, and then taking it international to London, Paris, and Amsterdam. The NY launch is going to be at Crash Mansion, which is a very legitimate NY concert venue/club. I have begun planning for that show by setting up a lighting/effects team to put together a memorable concert experience.

My mixtape (The Classical Movement pt. 2) is over half way done now. I have released 3 songs, and 2 more are finished and waiting to be released. 5 more to go…

This week I hope to write and record at least two more songs and film a basic video for my song “What They Say.” The entire video takes place walking along the Williamsburg Bridge in one take. The video will have a gritty feel and will serve as the first video under the Trevor for Trash Man of Brooklyn political campaign. One of the themes is that certain words throughout the song will be emphasized and will flash across the screen like captions of slander in the media from my political opponents.

The Trevor for Trash Man of Brooklyn campaign has evolved a bit. It now features me in a trash man’s uniform splattered with blood and carrying a bag full of body parts in my satchel patrolling the streets of Brooklyn looking for messes to clean up. Muahahahaha. It’s happening. Along with the above mentioned video, I will be taking 50-60 photos. My dear friend/roommate/photography major at NYU, Mike Bump, has agreed to do these photos for me. More on that to come…

Making Moves Week 3 (pt. 2)

This week I focused on expanding upon the initial fan base I built during my first two weeks, and keeping my name on peoples’ minds by maintaining a steady flow of material. I’m planning a major music video project for “The One Who Got Away,” which is scheduled to shoot in a month. Props to Emmett Adler for directing the project, he’s got production team of film majors from BU helping out with the video. I’m hyped.

I’m also organizing a promotional campaign around my mixtape and album coming out in the next months. I’ve asked an old friend from Chicago who is skilled with Photoshop to design the material for the campaign. I’m planning on taking 50-60 photos this week and hope to have videos as well, all with a political theme around me running for Trash Man of Brooklyn.

Key moves:

Facebook Artist Page

  • My artist page has become the place where I acquire new fans and where I direct people I meet outside of facebook. Thanks to ReverbNation’s Band Profile app I have an easy and customizable way for fans to listen to music, and see photos, and videos. At the same time, it’s on facebook where everyone already has a profile (unlike ReverbNation, Myspace or Twitter).
  • The “like” button is very effective because people are making an effort to follow you and share it with their friends, yet they don’t have to go too far out of their way to click that they “like” an artist. It is much more meaningful than a Myspace friend or a Twitter follower to me.


  • I use Myspace as a place to stream my music through my ReverbNation player, and view my feed. Other than that there is a lot of open space left over to promote my music, etc. I placed a banner linking back to my ReverbNation site, and I placed an ad for that earns me band bucks to spend on promotions.


  • I have been working on building up a solid email list, but for so many people I have as contacts on fb or elsewhere I don’t actually have their email addresses. Right now my list includes 40.
  • Networking with other artists on Reverb has been cool. Because I can listen to artists in NY who are at a similar chart position I feel like a few collabo’s may come out of this.

As for Twitter, I’ve kind of neglected it. No disrespect to Twitter, I’m just not as familiar with it, so I have been putting it off. I am definitely looking to get more tweetery going in the future though.

Promotional Campaign for The Classical Movement Mixtape

This is a promotional campaign idea that I have been developing over the last few weeks and it’s almost time to start making some of the material for it. I will be putting out a mixtape in about a month and a full album sometime after that. I have finished 3 songs for the mixtape, which will have 11 songs. As I release some of this material it would look very professional to organize everything around a cohesive theme, a movement if you will.

The idea in a nutshell:

Now that my rap name is Trevor the Trash Man I was thinking that I should run for Trash Man of Brooklyn in a fake political campaign. All the material could be designed around voting for me for Trash Man, what my stances are (mostly nonsensical stuff like eliminating wackness, scraping scoundrels and other way better stuff I haven’t thought of yet, ha) and I could even be running against a fake opponent and have a debate against him in the form of a rap battle or something.

These are all loose ideas that will be solidified but the point is that I now have a campaign theme that is highly adaptable, that can include photos and videos and banners and that can build awareness and organize people around a movement. Flexibility and appeal are two important features of any effective promotional campaign.

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