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Making Moves – Building a local following

Building a local fan base has been tough because I didn’t grow up in New York, so I’m kind of starting fresh. Figuring out where to begin has been difficult. I’ve realized though that I have been thinking too big picture. It’s better to focus on smaller fish in the beginning, find exposure to different circles and try to bring people from those circles together.

I recently spit a few bars at a cypher during Barrelhouse Bklyn’s Yo Barrelhouse Raps BBQ. It felt great to introduce myself to such a tight knit group of people. Barrelhouse has, over the past few years, successfully harnessed a Brooklyn based movement of talented rappers, and true hip hop fans, with a lot of positive energy. Here’s a video from the event. I was the lone whitey in attendance, ha…

I’m grateful to have linked up with Barrelhouse and am looking forward to teaming up with them in the future. I’m still working out the details but, if all goes well, Chi Guy will be hosting its first NY shows with Barrelhouse promoting. The first show will be before the end of August.

Like I said in the beginning of the post, I am trying to bring a few different circles together with these concerts to build a solid core of Chi Guy followers. So far the concerts look like me performing (either solo or with a band behind me, The Classical Movement), Scienze and Kris Kasanova (two rappers who I was introduced to by my peoples at Barrelhouse who perform with live instruments behind them), and two electronic/dance DJ sets TBD. The hope is that the hip hop crowd will mix with the DJ crowd well. And who doesn’t like to see hip hop with live instruments?


Making Moves – Promoting a YouTube Video

I recently posted my most successful YouTube video. Although it hasn’t blown up and been a gigantic viral success, it’s my first video to reach outside of my circle of core fans. In its first four days of being up it has received 160 views and I’m working hard to get more each day.

It has become a core part of hip hop to release free material, oftentimes using instrumentals from popular songs, to promote your own material. So I picked a song that was released last week by Lil Wayne called “6 Foot 7 Foot” that I could tell right off the bat would become a big hit. It’s produced by Bangladesh, the same producer that did “A Millie” with Wayne on The Carter III.

I made the video using iMovie, which came with my MacBook, and photos from my live shows and music video shoots. Using the editing tools available on YouTube and iMovie I added lyrics to the video in the form of blurbs coming out of my mouth, I added title screens to the beginning and end of the vid, and I made it look like I was moving to the music by aligning the pictures to go with the beat.

Some key pointers on how to post a successful YouTube vid and promote it:

1. Keep it short, sweet and entertaining. My video is 1:18 in total and in that time I showcase my lyrics, get my name out there, and link to my other music.

2. Relate your promotional video to something that people are already interested in. Lil Wayne has a huge following already established, so when he releases new material people are going to want to listen to it and talk about it. If you can find the sites where people are talking about related topics and showcase your video there, you might strike a cord with another artist’s fans. For example, I posted my video on, where there are thousands of people discussing Wayne in very active forums. After one day I got over 30 independent views from that site alone.

3. Get familiar with YouTube’s editing tools. I can’t believe how much extra work you can do after you upload footage to youtube. You can add annotations, add links to your other material and have it all streamlined right into your video.

Facebook Introduces New “Modern Messaging System” (pt. 2)

Hypebot posted an update to the story on facebook’s new modern email system earlier today.

I think this new service could elevate the importance of a single message. If Facebook does a good job of making sure users are getting only messages they really care about, then there will be a heightened expectation level when checking your inbox.

As a 22 year old I hardly check my mail box because there’s RARELY anything of importance to me in it. I check my voicemail a little more because maybe just maybe there might be a diamond in the rough. I check my email eagerly multiple times a day because there’s often important messages. And I get most excited about Facebook notifications because 95% of the time it is something interesting about me or someone I care about. If a marketing message was slipped in there every now and then I would be a little pissed but if it happened less than in my email I would still enjoy my fb notifications more.

Here is the follow up story on Hypebot:

image from t3.gstatic.comThe new service, which will debut Monday with an iPhone app and roll out over the next few months, mimics the behavior of teens who are already abandoning conventional email to converse across multiple platforms in short bursts. But Facebook Messaging could also make social music marketing more difficult. Here’s why:

Messages May Be Filtered Out – While a email address is offered, it’s not required. Whatever the source of email, Facebook promises to use “Friends”, “Likes” and other clues to filter email. So a fan who signed up for a band’s email updates, could find their emails automatically shuttled into an “other” folder if they have not also friended the artist on Facebook.

Facebook says that their system will get smarter over time, so that people that aren’t friends on Facebook but communicate often will show up in the stream. How repeated one way communications like email newsletters will be filtered or allowed to pass into the users main stream is unclear

Too Much Of The Same – A major selling point of the Facebook’s system is that it unifies email, SMS, IM and Facebook messaging into a single stream somewhat like Google’s failed Wave. But that means that artist and marketers who automatically post the same updates to multiple channels risk overloading users of Facebook Messaging.

Is There A Solution? – It’s important not to judge a system that no one has used, and its likely that some of Facebook’s new features will actually enhance the artist/fan relationship. But a first look at Facebook Messages should encourage artists and music marketers to step up their friending efforts now to avoid flitering later and to closely monitor future developments.

Making Moves Week 4

This week involved a lot of organizing and planning. The good news is that I have my first official concert as Trevor the Trash Man coming up at Crash Mansion! The bad news is that the process of making a music video is taking longer than I would like. Putting together promotional material like video and photos, requires people, equipment and mutual free time, but things are finally getting going at least. In these early stages I just want things to move faster and faster.

I teamed up with a company that my friend, Richardson Bosquet, from BU, formed called the Artform Collective. They are doing launch parties in Boston and New York, and then taking it international to London, Paris, and Amsterdam. The NY launch is going to be at Crash Mansion, which is a very legitimate NY concert venue/club. I have begun planning for that show by setting up a lighting/effects team to put together a memorable concert experience.

My mixtape (The Classical Movement pt. 2) is over half way done now. I have released 3 songs, and 2 more are finished and waiting to be released. 5 more to go…

This week I hope to write and record at least two more songs and film a basic video for my song “What They Say.” The entire video takes place walking along the Williamsburg Bridge in one take. The video will have a gritty feel and will serve as the first video under the Trevor for Trash Man of Brooklyn political campaign. One of the themes is that certain words throughout the song will be emphasized and will flash across the screen like captions of slander in the media from my political opponents.

The Trevor for Trash Man of Brooklyn campaign has evolved a bit. It now features me in a trash man’s uniform splattered with blood and carrying a bag full of body parts in my satchel patrolling the streets of Brooklyn looking for messes to clean up. Muahahahaha. It’s happening. Along with the above mentioned video, I will be taking 50-60 photos. My dear friend/roommate/photography major at NYU, Mike Bump, has agreed to do these photos for me. More on that to come…

Making Moves Week 3 (pt. 1)

This week I did much better at balancing my time between recording new music and building a fan base. I wrote and recorded 3 songs. One with my roommate and fellow member of the Wiggidies Crew, Pimp Jong ILL. Another called “Care Free Living” – the second song I have released off of my upcoming The Classical Movement pt. 2 Mixtape. And the third has yet to be released but will also be off of my mixtape and it’s coming soon. I’m on pace to release one new song each week, and I have also been releasing freestyles and older songs to create some buzz.

So far my promotional efforts have resulted in 216 monthly active users of my facebook artist page, and 91 “likes.” My YouTube channel has gotten 262 views. My Myspace page has 274 views (without any real effort to direct traffic there). I have climbed over 5,000 spots on the ReverbNation charts for Brooklyn Hip Hop (I’m at #1031 now), and I have 303 visits and 200 song plays. I’m still waiting on sales reports from Tunecore for “Started Living Tonight” sales on iTunes.

These numbers represent my core fan base, the group of people out of my contacts who are either family members, such good friends with me that they follow my music, or they aren’t real close “friends” but they’re in my network and are actually into the music. This is a special group of fans, people that have an early connection to the music and are probably willing to help me out and spread the word to their friends if I ask. I am trying to get as many of these fans on my mailing list so I can reward them for the early support by giving them exclusive content.

A Modern Day Gold Rush (pt. 2)

A list of services that I either have used or will use. For many of those I haven’t used, I plan on checking them out and giving reviews to help you make a decision:

Marketing ToolsTopspin, ReverbNation, CD Baby, Trackbuzzer, FanBridge,

FundingKickstarter (great idea for a site, it lets artists set up projects with goals so that fans can support the art they consume), ReverbNation “street teams”, ChipIn. You can also include a Paypal button for donations, or an Amazon Simple Pay Donation button. Here is an article from Music Think Tank

Playing More Live Shows — From a Hypebot article “10 Resources That May Help Artists Book More Gigs“: GigMasters (booking platform for artists and talent buyers), GigMaven (free and easy-to-use booking website for musicians; currently available in NY, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, DC, Austin, Phoenix and Ohio), Gigwish (influence venues, promoters and booking agents by enabling an artist’s fans and their local music scene to vote for them), (an online booking community where bands and musicians connect with venues by sharing their music), Live Music Machine (get booked anywhere for any type of live music event, as well as getting booked directly from MySpace), MusiGigs (a private beta service that helps artists get booked by connecting venues directly to bands), OnlineGigs (booking and promotional tool, and one of the largest detailed venue databases), ReverbNation’s Gig Finder (search over 100,000 venues and clubs, and locate those that have booked similar Artists), Sonicbids (the largest and most successful online booking service for musicians, bands, managers, promoters, etc., as well as corporations and organizations looking to book artists), SplitGigs (a new social web-app that helps emerging artists find other artists to exchange and share gigs with).

Online Distribution: Tunecore, ReverbNation, Ditto Music (UK based global online distributor worth checking out, I believe they offer free daily reports, 100+ stores), CD Baby, IODA Independent Distribution (Distributes audio and video, they do more work for you, but you must be accepted by the IODA team)

Recording Software — Here is a list that I published near the beginning of the Chi Guy Entertainment Blog. It is in order of popularity according to an article I found in Hypebot: 1. Avid Pro Tools, 2. FL Studio, 3. Steinberg Cubase, 4. Cakewalk Sonar, 5. Apple Logic, 6. Adobe Audition, 7. Apple GarageBand, 8. Sony Sound Forge, 9. MOTU Digital Performer, 10. Ableton Live, 11. Sony Acid, 12. Band-in-a-Box, 13. Steinberg Nuendo, 14. Steinberg Wavelab, 15. Propellerhead Reason

Online Mixing/Mastering: Studio (specializing in hip hop) and others. I prefer to go to a physical engineer who I have a relationship with for all my mixing/mastering needs.

Video Distribution for artists: YouTube, Vimeo, UStream

A pretty solid list, and I’m sure I’ve missed a bunch. These are the tools, now fly, fly like a bird.

Review of

In line with my previous post about I signed up for the service the other night. It’s a pretty interesting idea for promoting your music and discovering other artists in your genre that are also trying to spread their music. is an artist community where artists can earn “band bucks” by sharing the music of other artists with their fans. You can earn 1 band buck for each fan that you expose someone else’s music to. These band bucks can be used to buy promotions on other artists’ social media pages.

When you sign up you start out with 10,000 band bucks (theoretically enough to expose you to 10,000 fans of other artists). The first thing I did on the site was to schedule a promotion. found 10 other artists involved with Hip Hop and scheduled a promotion for Saturday, Nov 6 (a time that these other artists agreed to allow posts on their sites). Within hours after I signed up I had 6 requests from other artists to share their music on my social media sites. It definitely makes you want to listen to these artists music so you can tell if you want to share their music with your fans.

So, overall, nice idea. We’ll see if it works…

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